Presenting at Comparte Oventic Chiapas MEX.

By caleb duarte, Aug 19 2016 01:07AM

Convoke artists, formal and natural scientists, [email protected] compas of the sixth national and international indigenous congress, y whatever human being who feels inclined

Zapatista Army for National Liberacion


February 29, 2016


First: That the serious crisis that shakes the entire world, and that will only worsen, puts the survival of the planet and the entire population, including human beings, at risk.

Second: That politics from above is not only incapable of coming up with and constructing solutions, but is also among those directly responsible for the catastrophe already underway.

Third: That the sciences and the arts rescue the best of humanity.

Fourth: That the sciences and the arts now represent the only serious opportunity for the construction of a more just and rational world.

Fifth: That the originary peoples and those who live, resist, and struggle in the basements of the entire world possess, among other things, a fundamental wisdom: that of survival in adverse conditions.

Sixth: That Zapatismo continues betting, in life and death, on Humanity.

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